a unique product to support the processes of urban governments and utilities in Europe

The KVSaaS system


We present an effective instrument, optimizing processes of urban municipal services. Our experts have brought together innovations in the areas of automation of business processes, geographical location systems, management, accounting and planning. Our system KVSaaS implements all conditions related to the protection of personal data, documents storage, fast data entry from mobile devices and provides separate access rights.

Today KVSaaS already offers dozens of solutions, both small tasks and global management solutions for large organizations.

The main advantages of the system are:

Online mode

No need for installations, both hardware and software systems - just have an Internet connection and any device with a browser (cloud solution).

Data security

No need to take care of data safety - everything is stored on local European servers, taking into account all the necessary standards.

The simplicity of the interface.


Quick setup

Our experts will help you customize the business processes that are implemented in the system strictly to the needs of customers.

Speed ​​of reaction

Revolutionary data processing methods allowed to accelerate data sampling processes tens of times.

The ability to use any mobile device

Data entry can be arranged from any device that has Internet access.

Simple data export system

Simple data export system and the ability to connect the system to other software solutions

The modularity of the system

The modularity of the system, which allows, as necessary, to connect more and more new processes to work, combining disparate solutions into one coherent, convenient and simple system.

Separation and organization of user rights

Separation and organization of user rights to simplify access to necessary data.

Examples of typical control processes that can be implemented in the KVSaaS system:

  • Workshop management;
  • Utility management (waste collection, street cleaning, snow removal etc.);
  • Warehouse and Material Management;
  • Control of playgrounds and urban green spaces.
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Examples of specialized processes:
  • Tree Protection Management (Germany);
  • Road Repair Management (Germany);
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The KVSaaS system allows you to:

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Present in detail any process of passing documents and data, taking into account geographical and time reference

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Fully ensure data integrity after input

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Quickly get detailed reports based on system data

The KVSaaS system is not a modern view of management - it is a look into the future of the management sphere.

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